X-Carve Assembly Stop Motion

Two weeks ago I have finished the assembly of our Inventables X-Carve at ETH raplab. Since we are super busy at the moment giving workshop introductions to our wood and digital workshop I had no time yet to edit and upload the video…until now 🙂 Enjoy the little stop motion movie.

I still have to spend more time with the mill as soon as I have more time. I tested it using BlenderCAM and Chilipeppr, it went ok but some things responded a bit wonky in Chilipeppr. I also want to mount a Makita router to get more power…


Glen Keane: From traditional animation to VR

Glen Keane – Step into the Page from Future Of StoryTelling on Vimeo.

I have to admit that I am still skeptical about those huge VR-goggles that enclose yourself, detached from the reality of your surroundings. Anyway, seeing Glen Kean, a traditional Disney animator with that grin in his face made my day. Check it out, what do you think about the future of storytelling?


BlenderCAM Video-Tutorial: 01 Basics

While I started using BlenderCAM I struggled with the settings, now a lot improved and I have used BlenderCAM with a Shapeoko 2 CNC-Mill without problems. In this video I go over the basics and describe the settings loosely until I finish with the exported GCode.

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Take a look at the first ten minutes of the new Blender Foundation Movie, Cosmos Laundromat.

Now that the first Cycle is out, the movie makers continue producing the final animated feature length movie that will be released Free/Open Source and also is the first of it’s kind!

Check out the Gooseberry Project’s Website

You can also support the production via Blender-Cloud.

Alessandro Zomparelli from co-de-IT has created the Tissue add-on for Blender.

In this video-tutorial I show shortly what you already can create using just a cube that is tessellated and then reiterated. Definitely an add-on to dig into deeper.

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