Alessandro Zomparelli from co-de-IT has created the Tissue add-on for Blender.

In this video-tutorial I show shortly what you already can create using just a cube that is tessellated and then reiterated. Definitely an add-on to dig into deeper.

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Get the Tissue Add-On

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Finally I produced a new Tutorial/Demo of Blender Cloth and Sverchok.

Since I am pretty new to Sverchock I thought about creating a Video Tutorial showing how to use a Python script in a Script Node. I followed the great Examples of and made a Demo of his Hyperbolic Planes Article in the end of the Article, using Blender Cloth simulation with his Python script’s result.

Blender 3D Software


Fun with Hyperbolic Planes

I made the Background sound using Elektron Keys and Overbridge

During work, every evening I played around finding chords and new material. Today is the first day of my holidays, this means I have finally time to record some music and clean the whole cabling. Recording with different instruments = Lotta cabling.

So I started freezing down some fresh ideas and while setting up the equipment I record randomly. Here’s the first memory-dump:

The doodle in the background, my Waterghost is the result of some “painting” on the surface pro 3 while commuting to work. Check out my sketchbook for more sketches.

I was a bit disappointed that the first Overbridge Public Beta did not contain support for the Elektron Analog Rytm. But today Elektron released Overbridge Beta

I have not installed it since I were just in middle of a recording session. I’ll check it out this weekend more thoroughly.