Scientists from different Japanese Universities and Sony CSL (check out the details in the description of the following video) are able to create real holograms. The amazing thing is that you are also able to interact with the hologram directly. The system is still small scale (1cm^3) however the size is scalable using better, larger optics and a bigger setup.

Using a high intensity laser, they excite physical matter to emit light in any 3D position. The trick is to induce plasma in air or volume using lasers. Let’s see how this technology evolve. Kudos to the Scientist Team and good luck at Siggraph 2015!

The uncanny valley of digital CG-characters slowly vanishes, technologies of different applications merge and provide stunning new possibilities.

A researchers team at the University of Washington gathered photographs of celebrities and created CG 3D models that animate. Here an example of the 3D digitization of Kevin Spacey, Daniel Craig and George W. Bush, driving whatever “Head” you throw at them. The driven heads are a created from online photographs.

Check out the whitepaper showing the process: [PDF] What Makes Kevin Spacey Look Like Kevin Spacey


While digging through the archives I found some neat shots worthy polishing. In Basel-City, the NT-Areal is/was a nice spot for near post-apocalyptic sceneries, old plant-wound railroads, crazy concrete structures and so on…I have more coming up from that afternoon back in 2014. Enjoy.