During this Easter I grasped a lot of new thoughts on how to look at things and draw them. I have a boost of creativity going on in learning and practicing more painting and manual work like model building. Every day I dig deeper into ZBrush, a software I use since a lot of years but never really dug into it since the user interface was not what I liked in the first place. Check out my Sketchbook to see some ongoing progress. Since I have not a lot of time because of commuting a long distance I try to keep the pace up hard. Enjoy the ride with me 🙂

Since I want to achieve drawing and sculpting skills I started a Sketchbook-Section. I have a new graphic tablet and take my free-time to dig deeper into Z-Brush, 3D-Coat and Artrage. I wonder how it progresses over time since I have no basic Art/Drawing experience yet. Maybe the start looks fugly but hey, it’s a start. Wish me luck.

My first attempt drawing the head

My first attempt drawing the head

today I spent some time to gather and edit some more photos. In today’s update you’ll find pictures I took in Paris and at some places in Switzerland. The majority I edited into black and white. Enjoy.



After consolidating my photographic work to one place I just have started to sort and edit my Photo collection. Since I also have a lot of Video/Animation/Handmade/Music Material I had to find out how to represent my work the best way possible. I start to show the work to the public through this website.

I hope you enjoy browsing through and maybe also get inspired 🙂

Let’s rock!