Video Tutorial: Accessing Scripted node Presets in Sverchok

Nikitron wrote me that there are several scripted node presets available that you can access through the properties menu. The presets contain Python scripts from Nikitron, Elfnor, Zeffii, Ly and Ko. In this video I show how to access them.


BlenderCAM Video-Tutorial: 01 Basics

While I started using BlenderCAM I struggled with the settings, now a lot improved and I have used BlenderCAM with a Shapeoko 2 CNC-Mill without problems. In this video I go over the basics and describe the settings loosely until I finish with the exported GCode.

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Get BlenderCAM

Alessandro Zomparelli from co-de-IT has created the Tissue add-on for Blender.

In this video-tutorial I show shortly what you already can create using just a cube that is tessellated and then reiterated. Definitely an add-on to dig into deeper.

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Get the Tissue Add-On

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Finally I produced a new Tutorial/Demo of Blender Cloth and Sverchok.

Since I am pretty new to Sverchock I thought about creating a Video Tutorial showing how to use a Python script in a Script Node. I followed the great Examples of http://elfnor.com/blender-adventures-with-hyperbolic-planes.html and made a Demo of his Hyperbolic Planes Article in the end of the Article, using Blender Cloth simulation with his Python script’s result.

Blender 3D Software


Fun with Hyperbolic Planes

I made the Background sound using Elektron Keys and Overbridge