November 7, 2015No Comments

Tutorial: BlenderCAM Drone Project

I just finished another BlenderCAM Tutorial.

Winston Samuel Aquino Zabala contacted me after watching my first introduction BlenderCAM tutorial video. He asked if I can help him on how to generate CNC paths for his cool drone project. He wants to create carbon fiber molds out of aluminum.

I agreed to take a look and make a tutorial of the process for all BlenderCAM users.

I use a Shapeoko and a X-Carve mill and create all files using BlenderCAM and send the G-Code to the mills using Chilipeppr.

Please support BlenderCAM and Blender.

All music is created by myself, get some to hear:

October 11, 2015No Comments

Simple Cube Folding

Since we have a new seminarweek coming up at ETH D-Arch Raplab, I am researching nice simple techniques for our students to quickly learn Blender. Here a little example on how to unwrap a cube, mark seams, animate and render the scene.

September 22, 2015No Comments

X-Carve Assembly Stop Motion

Two weeks ago I have finished the assembly of our Inventables X-Carve at ETH raplab. Since we are super busy at the moment giving workshop introductions to our wood and digital workshop I had no time yet to edit and upload the video...until now 🙂 Enjoy the little stop motion movie.

I still have to spend more time with the mill as soon as I have more time. I tested it using BlenderCAM and Chilipeppr, it went ok but some things responded a bit wonky in Chilipeppr. I also want to mount a Makita router to get more power...

September 8, 2015No Comments

Sverchok: Animated Petal with Skin Modifier

Just played around with modifiers and scripted node in Sverchok.

Music by myself...The track is called Newfrontier. Find more on my soundcloud.

August 30, 2015No Comments

Video Tutorial: Accessing Scripted node Presets in Sverchok

Nikitron wrote me that there are several scripted node presets available that you can access through the properties menu. The presets contain Python scripts from Nikitron, Elfnor, Zeffii, Ly and Ko. In this video I show how to access them.