April 29, 2016No Comments

Samples of my music

Here we go. Dig into some of my home-brew music. I use Ableton, have some Synths, a Rhodes, Clavinet and Fender Strat to express my music. Have fun.


And yes, I played in a band too 😉 here we go for one jam-session (Larry on the drums, Dan and Alessandro on Guitars, Ronnie on Bass)

July 18, 2015No Comments

Summer has started, starting my recording sessions

During work, every evening I played around finding chords and new material. Today is the first day of my holidays, this means I have finally time to record some music and clean the whole cabling. Recording with different instruments = Lotta cabling.

So I started freezing down some fresh ideas and while setting up the equipment I record randomly. Here's the first memory-dump:

The doodle in the background, my Waterghost is the result of some "painting" on the surface pro 3 while commuting to work. Check out my sketchbook for more sketches.

July 15, 2015No Comments

Elektron Overbridge gets Rytm Support

I was a bit disappointed that the first Overbridge Public Beta did not contain support for the Elektron Analog Rytm. But today Elektron released Overbridge Beta

I have not installed it since I were just in middle of a recording session. I'll check it out this weekend more thoroughly.