October 31, 2015No Comments

My first sculpt using a waxer

I tried a waxer the first time about a two years ago and immediately gave up since I thought the waxer is not good. I use a waxer that pulsates and when I used it the first time, I did handle the tool totally wrong. Now 🙂 I know better.

Recently I bought some sculpting material, Super Sculpey and Cx5s (I already have Cx5...), to start some sculpting. Yesterday I sat down and used the waxer on Cx5 (The hard one) and used the tool like it is an extension of my hand but smaller. The small hand thinking helped immediately! I got nice results and started pushing and pulling material around on a piece of Cx5 itself without adding new material. The properties of Cx5 are really amazing, you can sculpt superfine details and it hardens immetiately. I tried different techniques like pulling hairlike grass and patting material on top of itself to pile it up. I am very eager to do some more work and get better at it. Still a lot to learn but hey, you gotta start somewhere...

Here my Halloween inspired graveyard on a hill....Happy Halloween!


September 11, 2015No Comments

Glen Keane: From traditional animation to VR

I have to admit that I am still skeptical about those huge VR-goggles that enclose yourself, detached from the reality of your surroundings. Anyway, seeing Glen Kean, a traditional Disney animator with that grin in his face made my day. Check it out, what do you think about the future of storytelling?