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Tutorial: BlenderCAM Drone Project

I just finished another BlenderCAM Tutorial.

Winston Samuel Aquino Zabala contacted me after watching my first introduction BlenderCAM tutorial video. He asked if I can help him on how to generate CNC paths for his cool drone project. He wants to create carbon fiber molds out of aluminum.

I agreed to take a look and make a tutorial of the process for all BlenderCAM users.

I use a Shapeoko and a X-Carve mill and create all files using BlenderCAM and send the G-Code to the mills using Chilipeppr.

Please support BlenderCAM and Blender.

All music is created by myself, get some to hear:

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BlenderCAM Video-Tutorial: 01 Basics

While I started using BlenderCAM I struggled with the settings, now a lot improved and I have used BlenderCAM with a Shapeoko 2 CNC-Mill without problems. In this video I go over the basics and describe the settings loosely until I finish with the exported GCode.

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Blender Cloth and Sverchok

Finally I produced a new Tutorial/Demo of Blender Cloth and Sverchok.

Since I am pretty new to Sverchock I thought about creating a Video Tutorial showing how to use a Python script in a Script Node. I followed the great Examples of and made a Demo of his Hyperbolic Planes Article in the end of the Article, using Blender Cloth simulation with his Python script's result.

Blender 3D Software


Fun with Hyperbolic Planes

I made the Background sound using Elektron Keys and Overbridge

[youtube id="xZVe69fW67A" width="" height="" wmode="transparent" showinfo="1" autohide="0" quality="auto]

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3DS Max 2011 Using an Audio Controller in the Slate Material Editor

[vimeo id="11864394" width="" height="" wmode="transparent" title="1" byline="0" portrait="1" hd="1"]

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3D-Coat 3DS Max Applink Tutorial

[vimeo id="16537645" width="" height="" wmode="transparent" title="1" byline="0" portrait="1" hd="1"]